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Card/Label Maker in Javascript with Icon Fonts

Operating environment: Google Chrome.


  1. Access Here
  2. Fill forms: paper size, card/label parameters and card/label contents.
  3. Click Card Preview and Paper Preview bottoms.
  4. After check card/label design, click Print button.
  5. Print this page with no margin.
  6. You can be back the form page by clicking a paper image.

copy-icon You can copy and paste icons.

card-preview Card Preview button shows card design.

paper-preview Paper Preview button shows paper design.

with-caption You can add Caption. ellipse Outline radio changes card shape.

left-layout Layout select changes placements of contents.

multi Multiple radio allows a paper to have various cards.

print Print button generate a svg image. Please print (Cmd+P/⌘+P) this image with no margin.